History of PEI HE AMP

Private educational institution of higher education “Open Institute - Higher professional school” was formed in 1996 as the Academy “Continent”.

In October 2007 it was renamed as the “Academy of socio-economic development”, and in 2012 it was named: Non-state educational institution of higher professional education “Humanitarian-Economic and Technological Institute” (NEI HPE HETI).

Since January 2016 it was renamed as the PEI HE Open Institute - Higher Professional School.

Since the establishment of the institute till September 2013 Alexander Grigorievich Sharov, doctor of economics, professor, was the permanent head and the rector of the institute.

The high rating of competitiveness of graduates has been achieved by the efforts of the rector and a friendly staff of the institute, there are heart and good traditions at the institute. First Vice-Rector for Academic Work, Candidate of Science (Engineering), Associate Professor Alexey Nikolaevich Popov made a great contribution to work and development of the institute.

Over the life of the Institute there the changes have taken place in its structure and priority areas. Thus in 2012 PEI HE OI-HPS opened a new field of study for teaching students: power and electrical engineering.

Since 2011, master's programs in psychology, management and law began to be implemented. In summer 2013 there was the first graduation of masters. The quality of educational program and training of Master's graduates was estimated by the commission of the Federal Agency for Supervision in Education and Science and it was issued Master’s programmes accreditation certificate.

In accordance with the Bologna Convention and reform of Russian education, since 2011 the institute started training bachelors on Federal state educational standards of the third generation. In this regard, priority area was not only training of graduates with the necessary amount of knowledge in a competitive specialization, but also the formation of professional competencies. That is why the academic teaching staff seeks to develop in students clear life stance, professional qualities, the ability to think outside the box, to prove and defend their point of view.

According to monitoring results of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in 2013 institute’s activity was considered to be effective.

Achievements and progress of the whole team are setting new challenges for institute development and improvement, growing of its competitiveness.

In accordance with the development strategy and institute mission we are planning to take high place in the rating of non-state universities.


education and academic, curriculum and discipline work, academic research work of teachers, students and post-graduate students, awareness-raising work.