It is the permanent supreme management body, consisting of the founders of the Institute. At the general meeting the board makes decisions to change the Charter, determines priority directions of its development (mission), changes the Institute’s structure, enacts financial plans and reports, makes decisions on reorganization of PEI HE AMP. Board of Founders shall have the right to transfer its functions to officials or authorities.


This body carries out general management of PEI HE AMP and includes heads of departments and the most qualified employees of Institute academic teaching staff. All issues are resolved at the general meeting of the Academic Council, which meets at least 1 time per month. By voting Academic Council approves curricula, work programs, plans and reports of departments related to the organization of educational, research scientific and academic work. (refer to the regulation of the Academic Council of PEI HE AMP).


The official, who is elected by the Board of founders and manages the current activity of PEI HE AMP. It provides control over the functioning of all departments and officials, complying with decisions of Council founders, manages the property, represents the Institute in all state bodies, institutions and organizations, make transactions and other legal acts, issue orders and instructions, obligatory for execution, hire and terminate staff, imposes penalties on them, organize accounting and reporting, etc. Rector is the Admissions director, the Chairman of the commission for administering candidacy examinations in postgraduate study, the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute and head of the Rectorate.



It is the body, headed by the rector of the institute, which solves important current issues in between meetings of the Board of Founders. It includes persons appointed by order of the rector. There is no established order of the Rectorate work.


It is the official, appointed by the rector of the Institute, which is responsible for the general management of the entire educational process in the institute, control over units activity, officials relating to the organization of training and educational activities: Curriculum and Instruction Department, faculties, departments, archives, library, admission committee.
Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs discharges functions of a Rector in his absence, holds meetings of the Academic Council, prepares statistical and other reports on orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation or Federal Service of Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs reports directly to the rector of the institute.


It is the official, appointed by the rector of the Institute, which is responsible for the general management of all research work at the institute, control over scientific activity of teaching staff of departments and students, organizes and conducts scientific conferences, seminars at various levels with the publication of scientific articles, work of department of postgraduate study and additional education. Vice-Rector for Research reports directly to the rector of the institute.


It is the body that is directly involved in the organization of educational process in the institute. It consists of the Head of CID and specialists (curators) in fields of study. CID develops and adjusts curricula, make schedules of classes and examination periods, organizes educational documentation in accordance with the Regulations, is responsible for interaction with the students and academic teaching staff of the departments. CID reports directly to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.


It is the structural unit of the Institute, headed by the dean of faculty. The faculty consists of the departments, work of which is led by heads of departments and it reports directly to the dean of the faculty. The faculty implements the teaching process, scientific research work, educational work in accordance with the work plan of a faculty. Dean of the faculty is a member of the Academic Council of the Institute and is responsible for activity of the whole faculty, according to the job description.


It is the structural unit of the Institute, which is part of the faculty. The department includes academic teaching staff on the staff basis, under the terms of internal, external secondary employment, hourly wages and employer representatives. Post-graduate students are attached to departments. The work of department is superintended by a Head of Department, which organizes the work and provides control over it (refer to regulation of the department in PEI HE AMP).


It is the body the composition of which is approved by order of the rector for a year and it arranges the enrollment campaign in accordance with Russian legislation, carries out student selection for training. Admissions director is the Rector of the Institute, who appoints the executive secretary, clerks and subject examiners. (refer to the regulation of the Admission Committee in PEI HE AMP). The admission committee makes the results of the admission campaign to the Federal database.


It is the body that carries out selection and recording of staff, teachers, in accordance with the Russian legislation it develops internal regulations and work schedule of units, keeps record of labor activity and employees’ rest leave, organizes competitive selection for positions, etc. The head of the human resources department reports directly to the rector of the institute.


It is the body that organizes the financial activity of the Institute in accordance with the laws and regulations. Chief Accountant reports directly to the Rector of the Institute and the Board of Founders.


It is the structural unit of the Institute, which is engaged in a complete set of educational, methodical, scientific and other literature, keeps records, write-off and order of literature, periodicals and organizes the use of print and electronic products in educational and scientific process. The library reports directly to the head of the Curriculum and Instruction Department.