Scholarships and other forms of financial support

Benefits in rendering paid educational services

Open Institute - HPS is a private educational institution and does not have the budget financing, thus rendering paid educational services in the Open Institute - HPS, including additional paid educational services, the benefits are not provided.

Citizens who have the right to get free education, benefits for admission or other benefits in accordance with the current legislation are inform that the State guarantees the implementation of these rights via a system of state and municipal educational institutions. 

Social-support measures for students

Tickets at reduced rates for transport. Full-time students living in Moscow and the Moscow region have reduced rate tickets when traveling in the subway, in the ground-based public transport and suburban rail transport.


Open Institute - HPS implements study using distance learning technologies.

That is why there is no dormitory. 

Scholarships for students

Open Institute - HPS has no budgetary financing, it provides students with paid educational services on the basis of contracts for rendering paid educational services. In this regard, the scholarships for students are not provided.